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About Our Team

 Established in 1972, Frank Dupuis Landscaping & Trucking / Dupuis Specialized Transportation began offering specialized transportation services; primarily over-dimensional and and heavy-haul. With plenty of ambition, experience, and valuable business relationships, Dupuis Specialized Transportation  was up and running in no time at all. Since it's founding, the company has only known one business direction: forward



  Knowing the transportation industry and the specialized equipment that makes “big things” move,  Dupuis purchased several  4-axle trucks, multiple-axle flat beds, low boy step decks, multi-axle floats, and a began assembling his unique fleet. Today, Dupuis Specialized Transportation Inc. can be seen servicing the region’s biggest projects, including The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway.


  Since it’s conception, Dupuis Specialized Transportation Inc. has taken pride in providing quality customer service to all of its clients. Employing passionate and experienced operators and office staff, Carl knows that sometimes there is more to getting the job done right than having the right equipment. At Dupuis, customer satisfaction is a main priority, and knowing that each move is different brings upon new challenges and opportunities. Contact the team at Dupuis to see the difference in specialized transportation that is focused completely on you.      

Contact our team at

(519) 735-0135

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