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Local Moves


  When it comes to moving quick, Dupuis Specialized Transportation Inc. gets the job done efficiently so that you can move on to your next task.


 Our team has developed many productive business relationships over the last few decades. Allow us the opportunity to change the way you feel about transportation for the better.

International Transportation
 The word "international" is often enough to begin adding stress to one's life. Not for us.
If you have something that needs to be relocated to another country, our team is awaiting your call. Dupuis' logistical team removes headache and room for error by taking you through the process step-by-step.
Having uncertainties? Our team is ready to help yours.    
Partnered Projects


Dupuis Specialized Transportation Inc. is also available for more in-depth transportation that may involve more service. 


 Wind turbines, molds, presses, and even entire plant relocations are services that Dupuis proudly offers.


 Our team will meet with you to ensure your needs are understood and taken care of.  


Call Us:  (519) 735-0135​​
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